(Garden) anticipation is the most beautiful

from Elizabeth

When I remember this time last year, I immediately smile. As soon as the days got longer again, she felt tingling again: the anticipation of the new gardening year. I knew the feeling well because I've been gardening for as long as I can remember. Only this time something was different: I had decided to completely revamp my roof terrace and its plants. So I was bursting with enthusiasm and energy. What's more, everyone around me was getting started... and in January.

Why am I telling you this? I'm writing this blog post to reassure you - and myself too. Regardless of whether it is a few square meters or 600 square meters, every garden takes time. It's still the depths of winter - the best time for hibernation.

Nature gathers strength and energy for the new season. That's exactly right. Finally, in spring a real storm of sprouting, taking off and growing breaks over them. It's going to be great. I have to smile again.

That's why my suggestion to you is: enjoy a little bit of peace before spring awakens. Put your feet up and make yourself comfortable with a cup of Sprießerie tea . And most of all, enjoy making plans. You will find lots of books - used and new - in my shop. Because dreaming about the garden is always the most beautiful thing, especially in the gray winter. After all, you still have eight weeks left to prepare the garden.

"Enjoy a little bit of peace before spring awakens."

From where I know this? Of course, I also leafed through my garden calendar from last year again... It says: The first seed went into the ground at the beginning of March to grow plants.

Speaking of plant cultivation: When I started looking into the topic, I was overwhelmed by the flood of information. My roof terrace is about 20 square meters. And of course there shouldn't just be plants there. Space to relax and look at the stars was just as important to me. Ultimately, I had information for entire parks in my head. So much that sometimes I didn't even know where to start.

For everyone who is starting a small garden in the city for the first time this year, I have come up with a list of the essential things for garden planning . Because as is so often the case here: less is more.

Gardening is not a competition. Gardening is life. Watch plants grow consciously and with love. With this checklist you lay the first foundation for this. And if you have children, it's best to plan together.

Checklist for balcony and roof gardeners at the beginning of the season:

This is what you need to prepare

  • A4 paper
  • Pens - also pencils, so you can make easier changes later
  • a nice notebook as a garden diary

You write this down in a notebook or simply on paper

  • Where should your garden be located? How much space do you have available?
  • Divide your balcony or terrace roughly into “living” areas and “planting areas”. Make a rough sketch of it on paper.
  • Think about what pots, boxes, baskets and furniture you already have and where they could fit. Draw them roughly.
  • Should a small children's bed be created? Plan space for it.
  • What orientation is your balcony? Roughly note the number of hours of sunshine in each season.
  • Write down which plants, vegetables, herbs, flowers, trees or bushes you would like to have on your balcony.
  • Would you like to grow your own plants from seeds, if so which ones? Write these down. There is a separate blog post specifically on this topic. You are welcome to use my sowing and planting calendar as inspiration. I update it every season.

    Take advantage of my free consultation

    Do you have any questions about the list? Or beyond that? I would be happy to give you further tips and tricks in a personal, free consultation. Just write me an email . I would be delighted to be able to personally support you in planning your green feel-good place.

    Everything I pass on here and in my consultations is based on years of experience and acquired knowledge. Every season I also seek advice and support from the professionals when it comes to detailed questions. So please feel free to contact the specialist staff at the garden centers in your area.


    The checklist prepares you well for the next step: selecting seeds or young plants for your small (balcony) garden. For me, making plans always includes browsing through seed catalogs or plant lists. So that things don't get too colorful for you here, I have a little something for you.

    In my shop you will find a clear, finely selected selection of seeds for city gardens . Feel free to let this inspire you. Below I have linked a list of small organic seed producers and nurseries that I really appreciate.

    If you feel like it, just browse through here. And: put your feet up a little more. There will soon be a lot to do in the fresh spring air. This will be wonderful :)


    The sprout series

    Organic Gardening Herb



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