About Die Sprießerie

"Planting a garden is believing in tomorrow." Audrey Hepburn

Hi, I'm Elisa. I believe in tomorrow.

I believe in people who consciously enjoy beauty and value their environment.

The Sprießerie is my small company from Potsdam. I grow flowers, vegetables, berries and wild herbs in my own gardens in the middle of the city. I am convinced that anyone who looks after a garden with love and respect also takes good care of themselves and their loved ones. I draw inspiration for everything I do in my company from my gardens and nature.

In my manufactury I conjure up unique products - limited to small quantities, pure in taste and incomparable quality. I share my knowledge about gardening in the city here in my blog and in individual gardening consultations. A separate range of seeds is in the works. Here I put together seed-proof organic seeds of the most beautiful cut flowers, herbs and vegetables that are ideal for growing in city gardens, pots and planters.

In my little webshop you will only find the most beautiful beauties for urban gardens and for a sustainable, mindful life. I select each product carefully and have consciously decided to also offer used items with scratches and history.

I am an urban gardener with passion. I have been gardening on balconies, rooftops and courtyards in the city for almost ten years. I learned my craft through experience and trial and error. I was able to spend a large part of my childhood with my grandparents on their farm. This time and the appreciative interaction between people, animals and nature still influence me today.

I would be happy if my products and my loving craftsmanship make you happier and more satisfied.

I would like at least as much for us to make our cities greener together. I would be happy to help you, no matter how old you are or how big your garden dreams are.

Welcome to the world of Die Sprießerie. I'm glad you found me.


Elisa The Sprießerie Potsdam