Organic tomatoes, basil & parsley seeds for the balcony

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Tomatoes are a must, especially in small (balcony) gardens. Since tomatoes are hungry, they do poorly in pots or beds with other plants. However, underplanting with undemanding herbs still makes sense. The herbs provide the earth with shade and help keep it moist for longer. The right underplanting can also keep harmful substances and diseases away from the plants.

Basil and parsley also taste perfect with tomatoes later on the plate. So it makes perfect sense to plant them together.

This great organic mixed culture seed set contains the following varieties:

  • Tomato 'Black Crimea' (Solanum lycopersicum)
    Rather small, aromatic beefsteak tomato variety with large, dark, flat-round fruits with an excellent taste. Originally comes from the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.
  • Yellow tomato 'Golden Queen' (Solanum lycopersicum)
    The yellow tomato variety 'Golden Queen' has been cultivated since around 1870. It produces many yellow fruits with a very mild, rather sweet taste and little acidity.
  • Cocktail tomato 'Sugar grape' (Solanum lycopersicum)
    Also known as “Mexican honey tomato”. Very robust, vigorous and high-yielding red cocktail tomato.
  • Basil 'Medium' (Ocimum basilicum)
    Very vigorous variety with medium-sized leaves and a fine, good aroma.
  • Curly parsley 'Mosskrause' (Petroselinum crispum)
    Vigorous, strong variety with dark green, heavily curled leaves and a very spicy taste.

You will find all the information about sowing indoors or outdoors in a simple and understandable way in the booklet included in the set.

The organic seeds in this set are also seed-proof. This means that seeds can later be obtained from the plants for further propagation without any problems.

Origin: Europe