Large stoneware plant pot

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You can see that this large plant pot was elaborately handcrafted. Its material is stoneware, with a romantically simple relief pattern. I find it perfect for cottage or cottage gardens. The glaze casts light shadows. This gives it a special charm. There is a hole in the bottom of the flower pot to allow good water drainage.

Large pots in particular are ideal for planting small bushes or berries - even on the balcony. Basically, the larger the pot, the more space your plants have to grow and thrive. I always recommend opting for fewer pots but larger ones. Even with just a few beautiful pots you can create great accents. And transform every area, no matter how small, into a green oasis of well-being.

Dimensions: Ø 30 x H 27.5 cm, stoneware, water drainage possible, coaster included

Origin: Poland