Tea from the Sprießerie - to relax and warm up

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This is what relaxation and peace taste like. I am your tea to relax and warm up. I smell of sage and mild orange. I act like balm for your throat. And I taste good even to the little ones.

My ingredients grew almost exclusively in the gardens of the Potsdamer Sprießerie. There they are looked after and cared for by hand - lovingly, with respect for nature. My leaves and flowers only get sun, air and water - no trace of artificial or environmentally harmful substances. In city gardens, my ingredients provide habitat for bees and insects. Because they too are true connoisseurs.

Drink me hot brewed - straight or with a spoonful of honey. Let me just steep it briefly, covered, for a maximum of three minutes.

In any case: enjoy me and warm up.

Ingredients: Sage**, orange peel*, raspberry leaf**, natural flavor*

** from our own organic cultivation * from certified organic cultivation

Origin: Germany, Europe