Large pillar candles in different colors

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Cozy candlelight in every season. This is what these beautiful pillar candles in different colors do. Strong and delicate, suitable for any occasion or mood.

The rich blue, green and yellow are colors rarely found among large pillar candles. The cream tone enchants very gently. All of them can be combined in many ways: in a candle jar, with natural materials such as wood and stone or simply with metal candle holders.

The candles are poured by hand in Germany, Schleswig Holstein. They burn without dripping or leaving residue, have a long burning time and are harmless to health thanks to their high-quality ingredients.

The wax has the RAL-GZ 041 quality mark for candles. It meets the purity criteria in the food sector and does not accumulate in the environment.

All candles are ideal for mood lights, lanterns, arrangements, festive tables in the house, on the balcony or in the garden.

Size: Blue & Green: 135mm high, Ø 65mm, wick made of 100% cotton

Origin: Germany