Beautiful copper planting shovel

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Garden stylishly and sustainably. So that every handshake puts a little smile on your face. And you know that not only your plants, but also the equipment you work with are good for our planet. This beautiful hand shovel made of copper alloy is just right for that.

It immediately impressed me with its pointed and handy shape. It is particularly suitable for pots and balcony boxes because it is not too big.

Their great material - local ash wood - is processed by hand using traditional methods in a small Slovenian factory. This makes this shovel a very special tool and a long-lasting unique piece.

Copper garden tools are particularly popular due to their excellent properties. Since they do not rust and penetrate the earth more easily than iron/steel devices, they are extremely durable and easy to care for. In addition, the released copper trace elements help to improve soil quality and promote growth and resilience of plants. Verdigris does not occur. Even snails are said to avoid soils worked with copper equipment.

I am firmly convinced that you don't need five planting shovels, just this one ♥️.

Material, size: copper alloy (92 - 94% copper + tin = bronze), 27.5 x 7 x 14.5 cm , weight 165 g

Manufacturer's warranty: 12 years on metal parts, 2 years on wooden handles

Origin: Slovenia