Sunflower for the balcony - Italian White

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Sunflowers can be elegant too! This variety enchants with delicate, ivory-colored flowers and a breathtaking appearance. This makes it a surprise in every bouquet of flowers or even as a dried flower.

Sunflowers grow very quickly and do best when sown immediately after the last frost. By the way, their petals are just as edible as the seeds.

Contents: 50 seeds

Height: 120cm

Sowing: Indoors from February/April; Outside from May/June

Basically, everything you can plant in the garden also grows in large soil pots with good soil, lots of sun and sufficient care. The varieties that I have put together under the abbreviation “For the Balcony” are a little less delicate and will still delight you with their great flowering potential. They are perfect for smaller pots or even balcony boxes.