Sun, wind and rain - the children's book about the weather

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Why do adults always talk about the weather? This book makes children want to look behind the cloud cover and understand the weather and its stormy and changeable phenomena.

Why do fields and meadows often disappear in the morning fog? How are the colors of the rainbow created? Why do thunder and lightning only crack and flash together? Children often ask curious questions that even many adults cannot answer precisely - Sun, Wind and Rain has many clever answers.

In the book, children follow two lovable characters and their little dog. From page to page you will find out, among other things, how a weather station works and what effects global warming has. Sun, wind and rain explains weather phenomena across all seasons.

Authors: Steve Parker, Jen Metcalf, illustrated by Caroline Attia

The British zoologist Steve Parker is knowledgeable about the scientific wonders of our world. When it comes to science, his formula is simple: "Stick to the two big 'I's' - information and imagination." He is co-author and editor of over 300 non-fiction books.

The drawings of the French illustrator and animator Caroline Attia are full of charming wit and have already been published in ELLE, The New York Times, Harvard Magazine and Pictoplasma, among others.

Jen Metcalf works as an author, editor and translator in Berlin. She has made it her mission to help science bring its findings to the world. She spent her childhood in Scotland and northern England, where she gained a lot of experience with the weather in all its facets, which helped her when working on this book.

Release: September 2021
Format: 24 × 28 cm
Features: Full color, hardcover, thread bound, 48 pages, printed on FSC™️ (Forest Stewardship Council™️) paper
Origin: Germany