Skandi watering can in black 10 L

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If you love simple Scandinavian design, this large watering can is perfect for you. It holds 10 liters, is made of light metal and has a movable handle. The shower pours gently and can be turned off.

I think black is beautiful in the garden, also because it makes rich colors shine particularly well. The movable handle ensures more freedom of movement when watering, especially if you water directly at the root. Which I generally recommend. This is the only way valuable water reaches the plant instead of evaporating on the leaves.

The Swedish company Storefactory is inspired by the shapes and clear lines of nature when developing its products. Wherever possible, their products are manufactured in collaboration with local companies. This already resources and supports the Swedish industry.

Size: 43 × 23 × 29 cm , capacity 10 liters, metal

Origin: Asia, certified fair working conditions, two women run the factory