Keychains to fall in love with

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Do you spend so much time looking for your key in your bag? With these beautiful and, above all, long lanyards, everything has a happy ending. One handle is enough and you have your key at hand. You can also hang it up wonderfully on the cord.

The lanyards are also ideal for kids to hang around their necks.

Sticky Lemon is a Dutch children's label founded in 2016. It is known for its backpacks and colorful sunny bags made from recycled PET bottles. But it's no longer just for that. I like the label because it experiments funnily and boldly with colors and shapes, including those from nature. That's exactly why it's a perfect match for the Sprießerie and wildly cheeky kids - or adults 🤍

The lanyards are available in two versions and are delivered in a beautiful box.

Material: cotton, gold-plated stainless steel ring, size: 0.8 x 95 cm

Origin: Netherlands