Round large cutting board made of birch wood

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Birch wood is still far too rare to find in our kitchens. I would like to change that. With this large round wooden board made of Swedish birch wood from Iris Hantverk.

Don't just use it as a utensil for cutting your ingredients. Thanks to its simple, natural shape and color, the birch wood board also looks great on the table as a base or for serving.

Always remember: Wood is a living material that must be treated with care. To ensure a long service life, a new cutting board should be oiled before use. To do this, first wipe the cutting board with a clean, dry cloth. Then apply a sufficient amount of a food-safe oil - Iris Hantverk recommends boiled linseed oil or cooking oil. Repeat the process about 3-5 times until the surface feels saturated and no longer absorbs oil.

Size: diameter 32.5 cm, height 1.8 cm, material untreated birch wood

Origin: Sweden