Plant pots made of natural rubber - colored in a set

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Garden plastic-free and sustainably. For me, this always includes a good and acceptable alternative to plastic plant pots.

I immediately fell in love with these plant pots. They spread a good mood with their bright colors. What's more, they are made from 100% fair trade natural rubber. Their wall thickness makes them stable and long-lasting.

The pots are suitable for sowing young plants directly or as a planter after pricking out the small plants. In addition, herbs or flowers grow great on the windowsill or balcony.

The price compared to plastic pots is worth it. Also because natural rubber is a real climate friend and does not leave behind any microplastics after use, but rather decomposes in the compost over time. Natural rubber is a renewable raw material. Rubber trees have the great property that they can absorb a large amount of CO2 - they even absorb more CO2 than tropical rainforests.

Colors: Terracotta/Coral, Blue/Petrol, Purple, Olive Green, Gray, Light Green, 6 pots per set

Size: Height approx. 10cm, top diameter approx. 11cm, bottom diameter approx. 7cm, material thickness approx. 0.3-0.5cm, water hole in the bottom

Good to know: The producers of natural rubber - small farmers, cooperatives or workers from Sri Lanka - receive a fair trade premium and decide for themselves how it is used. Examples of this include investments in a clean drinking water supply, education or additional pension provision. You can find detailed information about fairly traded natural rubber and its cultivation on FSC-certified plantations at .

Origin: Sri Lanka