Plant pot made of woven willow - various sizes

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These plant baskets are pure nature. They are woven from willow that comes from FSC-certified forestry. Use it as a planter or plant your vegetables, flowers or culinary herbs in it. Both are possible with these beautiful and sustainable plant pots.

They are available in four different sizes. The large baskets are particularly suitable for growing small bushes, low trees or berries on the balcony, for example. Compared to wooden buckets, they are light and maneuverable. So nothing stands in the way of your berry snack garden on the balcony.

Dimensions: Ø 20 x H 19 cm | Ø 25 x H 23 cm | Ø 30 x H 27 cm | Ø 36 x H 32 cm , willow from sustainable forestry

Origin: Poland