Olla for economical watering of plants

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Uncontrolled watering is a thing of the past, especially in times of climate change. With clay pots (Spanish: Olla) you can control the amount of water delivered to your plants without much effort. They also help you know that your plants are well cared for during a short vacation on hot summer days.

Sink the clay pots into the soil a few centimeters away from the plant, as deep as possible. Then fill it with water and put the lid on. Clay is permeable to water. It soaks up water and slowly releases it into the soil at the level of the roots. The earth's surface remains largely dry.

With clay pots you save water because it is only released selectively and very slowly to the plant. The roots draw water from the soil as needed. This prevents water from seeping away quickly or evaporating on the surface of the earth.

If you also mulch the soil around the container, for example with grass clippings or chopped plant residues, you will once again prevent water from evaporating unused.

Another advantage: This irrigation method generally attracts fewer snails because the soil surface remains largely dry. Since the foliage of the plants does not come into contact with water, the leaves are hardly susceptible to fungal diseases over the course of the season.

The clay pots are available in two sizes. The small size is perfect for balcony boxes or smaller plant pots with a capacity of up to around 25 L. The large one for all containers or beds over 25 L.

The Ollas are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Overwinter them as frost-free as possible, then you will be able to enjoy them for a long time, as will your plants.

Good to know: The clay pots are made by hand in a small workshop in the south of France. Each Olla is unique and may therefore vary slightly in shape. This does not affect their functionality.

Size, duration of use: 0.5L - H 15 cm, diameter at the widest point 20 cm, 3 -5 days watering ; 1.5 L - H 23 cm, diameter at the widest point 30 cm, 5-7 days watering

Origin: France