Natural fertilizer & mulching material for beds & balconies made from sheep's wool

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Fertilizing is particularly important for plants that grow in containers or pots. And yet it is so often forgotten. With this great long-term fertilizer made from sheep's wool, you have everything covered for the entire gardening season. Exactly when the fertilizer effect of your potting soil decreases.

Sheep's wool pellets develop their long-term fertilizing effect by working them approx. 5 cm underground. This is best done directly when you replant your pots or beds. After that, no further fertilizer is needed throughout the gardening season. After about four weeks, the fertilizer effect sets in for the next five months. The exact amounts of fertilizer for different plants are indicated on the package.

The wool pellets can be used to fertilize EVERYTHING, from houseplants to fruit trees. Positive side effects include humus formation, gentle loosening of the soil, more active soil life and, particularly important, better storage of water in the soil.

The natural fertilizer made from 100% raw, untreated sheep's wool in practical pellet form comes from a lovingly managed farm in the south of Germany. There the sheep are kept in modern, sustainable agriculture. Your wool does not end up in the trash as usual, but is processed into valuable pellets and packaged plastic-free.

Another good thing to know: You can also use sheep's wool above ground as mulching material and against snails. For example, you can sprinkle it around lettuce, where the pellets swell and create a biological barrier for the unwanted snails. They also protect the soil well from evaporation and drying out, especially in pots.

Origin: Germany