The Sprießerie Granola for refilling - chocolaty & crunchy

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Pre-order now. Fresh baking will take place again in January.

There are supplies! This portion of chocolaty granola fits perfectly in your glass. And of course in any other container of your choice.

You will receive the granola well and aromatically packaged in a paper bag. You can then safely dispose of this in the waste paper.

If you're trying out Sprießerie Granola for the first time, here are a few words about the delicious crunchy fun for you:

I'll wake you up in the morning. As a chocolaty crunchy muesli, I give you valuable energy - without the addition of industrial sugar, full of the best ingredients for a healthy and delicious start to the day.

My fine flowers come from the small gardens of the Sprießerie in Potsdam. There they are nurtured and cared for, harvested and dried by hard-working hands. They grow free of pesticides and environmentally harmful substances.

My other ingredients come from certified organic farming, mostly from the region. What's more, I bake with 100% gluten-free ingredients.

Combine with milk, yogurt, fresh fruit or fruit juice. Enjoy me as a chocolaty, healthy snack every now and then.

Whatever you decide, let it crunch properly.

Ingredients: Gluten-free oat flakes 32%, maple syrup 15%, chicken egg protein 10%, Walnuts 9%, Almonds 8%, rapeseed oil 7%, puffed amaranth 7%, cocoa (deoiled) 4%, sunflower seeds 3%, pumpkin seeds 3%, linseed 2%, salt <0.5%, cinnamon <0.5%, flower mixture* from cornflower, Rose, poppy, sunflower, marigold, dahlia <0.5%

*from our own cultivation using organic methods

Origin: Germany, Europe