Copper knife for kitchen and garden

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This gem of a kitchen knife is a truly unique piece. It was launched as a special edition and lovingly forged by hand in Slovenia. I particularly like using it for cutting fresh herbs and vegetables - especially because it has a good universal size and fits wonderfully in the hand.

copper does not rust and cuts particularly gently. Compared to devices made of iron/steel, copper is extremely durable and easy to care for. In addition, the released copper trace elements are said to be health-promoting for people, just like in the garden. Copper has an antibacterial effect and is an important trace element that contributes to the formation of red blood cells in the body, but also to the immune system and wound healing.

I am convinced that working with this wonderful knife will bring a smile to your face more than once.

Material & size: 26.8 cm long, blade 3 cm wide, 160 grams heavy, copper alloy (92 - 94% copper + tin = bronze), finely ground handle made of natural beech wood, adjusted by hand

Care instructions: The knife will darken irregularly over time due to its copper properties. This is a desired patina for copper that protects the copper. When you cut lemons or other acidic foods, this patina comes off. The manufacturer therefore recommends always drying the knife thoroughly after use and not storing it in an acidic environment. The handle should be cared for occasionally with a wood care oil, linseed oil or a normal cooking oil. Otherwise, the knife is theoretically dishwasher safe, but if you love your knife and treat it well, you should wash it by hand. The blade then stays sharp longer and the handle stays in top condition. Due to the fine material properties, the knife should not be sharpened with a whetstone. The copper can clog the fine pores on the grindstone.

Manufacturer's warranty: 12 years on metal parts, 2 years on wood

Origin: Slovenia