Make it blue - seed balls for blue flowers

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Small gifts bring joy, especially when something good grows from them! These seed balls in cute packaging are a gift for every occasion, and are also sustainable, colorful and bee-friendly.

The flower balls from Studio Laube are mixed and formed by hand in Hamburg from regional and mostly organic seeds. Founder Diana designs the motifs for each packaging herself.

You can look up the exact composition of the mixture at this link . To do this, use the number combination on the back of each box. This mixture only contains seeds for plants with blue flowers.

It is best to lay out the flower balls on loose soil between March and July. With a little water, light and patience they will unfold. Then watch them grow!

Each cardboard box contains 3 flower balls, blue flowers, handmade in Hamburg.

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Origin: Germany, photos StudioLaube