Snapdragon Costa Apricot

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Snapdragons are wonderfully easy to care for and conjure up that certain something in every garden bouquet. What's more, the flowers are edible and even very healthy. They contain valuable ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, essential oils and secondary plant substances.

The 'Costa Apricot' variety is a beautiful bicolor variety in peach and rose tones. The plant produces very uniform, tall stems and is therefore perfect for cutting.

When sowing, note that snapdragons are cold germinators, so-called cool flowers. This means that the seeds need a cold stimulus to germinate. Also cover the seeds very lightly with soil. Antirrhinum majus is a light germinator!

Contents: 50 seeds

Height: 90cm

Sowing indoors: February-April, outside: February/August

Basically, everything you can plant in the garden will also grow in large flower pots on the balcony - with good soil, sun and sufficient care.