Lime Green plant bag made of geotextile for balconies and terraces 25L

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The perfect plant bag if you have little space and still want to give your plant the best conditions to feel comfortable and grow.

The plant bags from BACSAC are particularly light, durable and can be moved flexibly using the handles. Important advantages if you garden on the balcony or roof.

With a lifespan of between 7 and 10 years, all BACSAC products are very sustainable compared to other grow bag suppliers. The geotextile fabric does not break, does not tear and retains its color. It is UV, tear and frost resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures.

The inner lining made of geotextile felt protects the roots and promotes good plant growth thanks to the air and water permeable fabric. The plant bags are designed so that they can easily come into contact with soil and water. This means that you don't need a drainage layer in the pot and you can plant them directly. In the apartment, I recommend a saucer under the planter.

Really good: BACSAC also takes care of your old plant bags and closes the product cycle. Used or broken bags are taken back and 100% recycled into new plant bags.

Material: Geotextile plastic and felt, recyclable, Size: 32cm (H), 32cm diameter, Color: Lime Green

Origin: Material Italy, production in the Netherlands