Kitchen towels in cobalt blue

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These great kitchen towels are knitted so that you can use them for a long time. The garter stitch technique optimizes its absorbency and functionality. This makes them ideal for cleaning and mopping in the kitchen or around the house.

You can easily wash the dishcloths at 60 degrees without them deforming or discoloring. Lovingly tied together with a ribbon, they are also ideal as a gift or as a small souvenir.

Solwang Design is putting together its knitting collection piece by piece 100% cotton from organic farming. If organic is specified in the color selection, the cloths were made from 100% organic cotton. Otherwise made from 100% Oeko-Tex certified cotton.

The wipes are manufactured in India in a sustainable, environmentally friendly and fair manner, BSCI certified.

Size: 25 x 25 cm, 3 cloths in a set

Origin: Sweden / India