Cork yoga mat Pure Natural

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What could be nicer than rolling out the yoga mat - even in the open air - and giving yourself a moment of deep relaxation and gentle movement.

With the Om Ya Design yoga mat you not only give yourself a gift, you also act in harmony with nature. The high-quality mats are based on environmentally friendly natural rubber. The solid and non-slip structure also ensures that the mat lies securely and stable on the floor. The surface is made of cork with a pleasant feel. It absorbs moisture such as sweat well, so no additional towel is necessary. Cork naturally provides grip on the surface, which is why the mat is suitable for dynamic and meditative yoga styles.

Also good to know: The mat is slightly wider in size.

And now immerse yourself in your feel-good moment. On a beautiful and sustainably processed yoga mat.

Size: 66 x 183cm, 3.8kg, comfort version with 4.5mm mat thickness

Origin: Germany