Compost bag for balcony and terrace 20L

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Compost is rightly the black gold of the garden. With its highly concentrated nutrients, it is the purest beauty treatment for your plants. Even in a small space you can enjoy this great compost bag. And your plants with their own pure strengthen natural fertilizer. 

This is how it works: The compost bag has two openings: one for your organic kitchen and plant waste. And one to remove the compost later when it's ready. A band keeps the bag closed between uses. And a handle in the middle makes it easier to turn the compost regularly.

After filling, close the compost bag and allow the organic material to rot. Start the process by adding some compost from another composter or simply a handful of forest soil. After about six months you can take out your first compost at the bottom of the bag and use it.

The urban gardening compost bags from BACSAC are flexible, lightweight, easy to move and durable. Important advantages if you garden in a small space, on the balcony or roof.

The Geotextile canvas material is also breathable. This promotes the perfect amount of airflow to support the life of microorganisms necessary for organic material to decompose.

Nature takes care of everything else by itself.

With a lifespan of between 7 and 10 years, all BACSAC products are particularly sustainable. The geotextile fabric does not break, tear or lose color. It is UV, tear and frost resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. The inner lining made of geotextile felt protects the roots and promotes good plant growth. All materials are 100% recyclable. The plant bags and the composter are designed so that they can easily come into contact with soil and water. All products are produced within Europe.

Material: Geotextile plastic 100% recyclable, size: 30cm x 70cm

Origin: Material Italy, production in the Netherlands