Small broom for children, ideal for the balcony

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One of my son's first favorite jobs was sweeping and sweeping with his broom. That's why it was clear that I had to have one in the Sprießerie shop...

This little broom from Iris Hantverk is made like its big brothers. With a length of 75 cm, it is ideal for sweeping up crumbs and leaves on the balcony, in the garden or simply in between. The handle and co. are made of untreated birch wood, the bristles are covered with strong, long-lasting bassine - the leaf rib fibers of the Palmyra palm. These wet-strength fibers are particularly suitable for making brooms. They are also flared at an angle on the sides so that they can get into small corners and joints.

What’s special about the manufacturer Iris Hantverk? The broom is lovingly handcrafted by the Swedish brush manufacturer, whose workshop also includes people with visual impairments. Brush making has traditionally been a field in which people with visual impairments and even blind people can be trained. This is how Iris Hantverk came into being at the beginning of the 20th century as a company founded by the Swedish Association of the Blind. The small company continues this tradition to this day.

Size: length 74 cm, width 20 cm, weight 350 g

Origin: Sweden, Bassine Sri Lanka