Clay cone MINI for economical irrigation

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Uncontrolled watering is a thing of the past, especially in times of climate change. With these clay cones you can control the amount of water delivered to your plants without much action. They will also help you take good care of your plants during a short weekend trip.

Sink the clay cones into the soil a few inches away from the plant, as deep as possible. Then fill a small glass bottle with water and place it upside down in the cone. The clay now soaks up the water and slowly releases it into the soil and thus into the roots of the plant.

With the clay cones you save water because it is only released selectively and very slowly. This prevents too much water from seeping away or evaporating on the earth's surface. If you also mulch the soil around the cone, for example with grass clippings or chopped plant residues, you will once again prevent water from evaporating unused.

The small version of the clay cones in a set of 4 is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use. If you overwinter the cones frost-free, you will be able to enjoy them for a long time, as will your plants.

Due to production, there may be irregularities in the shape. This does not affect the functionality of the cones.

Good to know: The fair trade clay cones are made in a small workshop in Sri Lanka. The producers receive a fair trade premium and decide for themselves how it is used. Examples of this include investments in a clean drinking water supply, education or additional pension provision.

Set: consists of 4 clay cones each, bottles not included

Size: 15mm height, diameter 48mm

Origin: Sri Lanka