Sage candlestick - Sprießerie Edition

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Together with Studio Ella, a young ceramics label from Potsdam, I designed this candlestick for the Sprießerie. Meira's beautiful ceramic art not only fulfilled a wish, but also brought to life a beloved family heirloom.

The result is a beautiful candlestick. A unique piece that shines in the colors of my favorite plants and goes perfectly with long, narrow candles. Its simple, reduced design resembles a flat bowl.

Place it on a wooden table, dresser or linen tablecloth. I'll be happy when the candlestick moves into your home. And you enjoy it to the fullest, perhaps even with fresh sage leaves.

Material: clay, glazed top

Size: ø 10 cm, height 1 cm, limited special edition, each candle holder is a handmade unique piece and I can vary the shape and color minimally.

Suitable for taper candles with a diameter of 13 mm, you can also find these in the shop

Origin: Germany