Beeswax candles

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Candlelight for natural coziness - that's what these pillar candles made of beeswax conjure up, with an elegant, smooth surface.

The candles are cast from 100% pure beeswax. Naturally pure, they also pamper your nose with a wonderful beeswax scent. They can be wonderfully decorated in a candle jar or on a wooden candle holder.

The beeswax candles are poured by hand in Germany, in Schleswig Holstein. They burn without dripping or leaving any residue. The beeswax is cleaned using special processes without the addition of chemicals and is subject to strict pollutant controls. It is free of mechanical impurities. The color and the natural beeswax scent are correspondingly natural and pure.

All candles are ideal for mood lights, lanterns in the garden, arrangements, festive tables and much more. They are available in two sizes.

Size: medium 95mm high, Ø 45mm, large 135mm high, Ø 65mm, wick made of 100% cotton

Origin: Germany