Maid in the Green "Midnight"

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The maiden in the green "Midnight" is a very delicate and at the same time extremely robust plant. Its seeds are also known as black cumin.

It's easy to sow and lasts a particularly long time in the vase. The capsule fruits can also be dried and beautifully processed into wreaths or Ikebana arrangements. But before that happens, Midnight enchants with a beautiful flower in deep blue-violet. .

Contents: 100 seeds

Height: 60cm

Sowing: February-June, Cool Flower, requires cold stimulus to germinate, it is best to sow directly into the bed and cover lightly with soil, later separate to 20 cm. Tolerates late frosts and can also be sown in early autumn for the following year.

Basically, everything that you can plant in the garden also grows in large soil pots on the balcony - with good soil, lots of sun and sufficient care. The varieties that I have put together under the abbreviation “For the Balcony” are a little less dainty and will delight you with great flowering even in less space. They are perfect for smaller pots or balcony boxes.