Haws Watering Can 1L - The Fazeley Flow Dark Green

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Watering cans like I've never seen before. Not just in shape and color, but especially in functionality and craftsmanship.

The Haws Watering Cans company has been producing watering cans in England since 1886. At that time, John Haws received the patent for an improved watering can. “A watering can that is much easier to transport and use and cleaner to use than any before.” The handcrafted cans are characterized by their high quality, functionality and thoughtful design and are used by professional gardeners across the UK . To date, the original design has not been changed much.

I use this watering can for my (young) plants in the apartment and for watering on the balcony. It is the perfect size for this, is drip-proof thanks to its slanted spout and sits comfortably in the hand.

Material: Galvanized steel, powder-coated, capacity 1.0 liters, weight when filled approx. 1.3 kilograms, length 34.5 cm, height 16.0 cm, diameter 11.5 cm

5-year manufacturer's guarantee for functionality and against rusting

Origin: Great Britain