Large flower press & herbarium

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I have an unmistakable weakness for flowers - on a plate, freshly cut for a garden bouquet and just dried. The design possibilities, especially with pressed flowers and grasses, are huge. It's all the more strange that there are hardly any large presses, especially in a simple and functional form.

I've been using this extra-large plant press from Haus Hall for two years now and I'm thrilled. It dries small and large flowers and leaves without the hassle of stacking books.

This is how it works: The plants (parts) are laid out on blotting paper - so that no plant parts are on top of each other. Then they are covered with blotting paper and placed in the press between two boxes. The whole thing is secured with a circumferential jute ribbon. The required pressing pressure is generated by turning the handle lever.

It's great fun, and not just for plant lovers, to create your own small herbarium or do crafts with the pressed flowers. It sharpens your eye for the subtle differences between plants, which you get to know better in this way.

The large flower and leaf press is made from the finest beech plywood in a workshop for people with disabilities. It is DIN A4 format including the surrounding jute ribbon and comes with 12 cardboard boxes with blotter sheets. By turning the handle lever, strong pressure is exerted on the material to be dried. The blotting paper also helps to remove moisture so that the flowers, leaves or plant parts are dried for a long time after one to two weeks.

Size: height 11 cm, length 30 cm, width 21 cm, from around 5 years

Origin: Germany