Stuffed poppy seeds Pandora

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Flowers for your balcony, special varieties for more blooms even in the smallest of spaces. I particularly recommend poppy seeds to you. As delicate as its flowers are, they are persistent and give you the purest joy of flowers.

The burgundy red color of the “Pandora” variety, which is crossed by silver-gray stripes, is incredibly beautiful. Corn poppies are very drought tolerant and like to collect seeds. Cool flowers! Also ideal for sowing in autumn and early spring.

Note: Poppies do not like to be transplanted or pricked out. So it's best to sow it directly in the bed or a plant pot. Corn poppies are cold germinators. The seeds need a cold stimulus to germinate.

Contents: 200 seeds

Height: 70cm

Sowing indoors: February-April, outside: February/August

Basically, everything that you can plant in the garden also grows in large soil pots on the balcony - with good soil, lots of sun and sufficient care.