Wild carrot Dara

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For me, the wild carrot is one of the most enchanting and versatile wildflowers. And, it thrives well in a pot. A particularly beautiful variety is “Dara”.

Daucus Carota impresses you with purple-colored flower umbels. The Dara variety blooms for a very long time and is ideal as a cut and dried flower. The young herb as well as the flowers and seeds are edible. The taste is reminiscent of red carrots, only milder. No winder, because wild carrots are the original form of the carrot.

Remove dead flowers regularly and support them if necessary. Tolerates dry periods. Seeds itself very well in the garden or pot.

Contents: 50 seeds

Height: 100-110cm

Sowing indoors: February-April, outdoors: April-June / August-October, Cool Flower, requires cold stimulus to germinate

Basically, everything that you can plant in the garden also grows in large soil pots on the balcony - with good soil, lots of sun and sufficient care.