Scabiosa for the balcony - Black Knight

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Dramatic and so delicate - that's absolutely true for this variety. With its velvety purple-black, the Scabiosa "Black Knight" gives every flower arrangement a mystical depth. Bees and butterflies also succumb to their charm. The best thing: it is absolutely suitable for beginners!

Remove dead flowers regularly. Also ideal for sowing in autumn and early spring.

Contents: 50 seeds

Sowing: Indoors: February-April, outdoors: April-June and August-October, Cool Flower, requires cold stimulus to germinate

Basically, everything that you can plant in the garden also grows in large soil pots on the balcony - with good soil, lots of sun and sufficient care. The varieties that I have put together under the abbreviation “For the Balcony” are a little less delicate and will still delight you with their great flowering potential. They are perfect for smaller pots or even balcony boxes.