Flower Frog - hedgehog for flower bouquets

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Hedgehogs are not only THE environmentally friendly alternative to conventional sticky clay. For flower gardeners, they are now one of the basics for flower bouquets.

Place the Flower Frog in a shallow bowl and fill it with water. Then stick your flower stems or branches onto the needles of the flower hedgehog and let your creativity run wild. This creates a beautiful floral decoration in no time.

The art of flower arranging Ikebana comes from Japan. Flower hedgehogs - Kenzan - have long been used there to create delicate and airy floral arrangements with just a few flowers, twigs or branches.

The hedgehogs are made of solid, rust-proof metal and have a hygienic rubber ring. They are available in two different diameters.

Dimensions: Ø 5 or Ø 6 cm , material: copper-coated stainless steel, rubber ring

Origin: Germany