Edible & Wild - Magical wild herbs with edible flowers

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Magical, fragrant flowers of wild herbs are still used far too rarely in the kitchen. They usually have a fine, lighter aroma than the rest of the plant and can compete well as a spice plant. Added to this is their beauty on the plate. That's why they are For me, edible flowers are definitely an ingredient for a fine dish.

The seed set contains wildflowers that you can use in a variety of ways - as a side dish in salads, soups, desserts and of course in drinks such as cocktails or a delicious herbal tea:
  • Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus)
    The wild cornflower was once a frequent guest on the cultivated and arable lands of Europe, but has been so displaced by the use of pesticides and seed cleaning that in its wild form it is one of the endangered species. The flowers and buds of the cornflower are edible and look great on any salad or cake.
  • Corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas)
    Corn poppy is an ancient arable herb that has been growing in grain fields since the early days of agriculture. Today the occurrence of this wildflower has declined sharply due to frequent use of pesticides. What hardly anyone knows: The petals are edible - dried and fresh, they conjure up a delicate splash of color on your plate.
  • Mauritanian mallow (Malva sylvestris)
    The Mauritanian mallow is a cultivar of the wild mallow. It differs from the wild form primarily in its decorative flowers, which shine in a dark pink with a dark purple flower base and veins. It blooms very profusely and for a long time from June until autumn. Its flowers are edible and are particularly impressive in tea. Due to its coloring effect, the infusion first turns blue-violet, then a delicate green.
  • Wild carrot (Daucus carota)
    With its large white umbel flowers, the wild carrot is not just a beautiful wildflower for the natural garden. Daucus carota is the wild form of the carrot, a parent of our garden carrot. The roots are beige to brownish-white, rather thin, but have an intense aroma when harvested young. They are ideal for cooking an aromatic broth. Their flowers and especially the carrot seeds are also edible and give your herbal salt a very special touch. The young leaves of the wild carrot have a parsley-like aroma and taste wonderful in salads or on breakfast eggs.
In my Sprießerie seed sets I combine seeds of the most beautiful cut flowers, herbs and vegetables for your own cultivation in the city garden. The plants are very easy to grow and - depending on the theme - enjoyed as a bouquet of flowers, in a fine dish or as tea.

The seed bags are packaged in a beautiful gift box along with detailed instructions for sowing and care. The seeds come from organic farming and are also seed-proof. This means that seeds can later be obtained from the plants for further propagation without any problems.

Contents: One seed bag per variety, sowing and care instructions, recommendation on pot size and plant neighbors

Origin: Europe