Earth Monster and Witchweed - Seed Set for Children

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Ene mene noise and smoke...
If you're interested,
how it works with plant seeds,
I'll show you how it works,
Just come with me to my magic witch bed.

The witch Magiga shows children how sowing plant seeds works and experiments with them in a magical story in the middle of the vegetable world.

The Earth Monster and Witch Herb set consists of a lovingly designed paper box with the following contents:
  • One Colorfully illustrated sowing instructions , designed like a small book, with a story about the witch Magiga and her magic seeds.
  • 6 seed packets for the following plant varieties: carrot, beetroot, potatoes, spring onions, daisies and parsley.
  • 18 small stick-in labels made of wood for labeling the sown seeds.
  • 5 postcards and 1 sticker with the magical motifs from the book.

      This seed set for children is a great gift for children ages 5 and up. Children of primary school age certainly need a little support from an adult when sowing.

      The aim of the set is to immerse yourself in the world of plants, using some types of vegetables as an example. Starting with the miracle of how a useful and large plant grows from a seed with little care to the harvest and further processing of the vegetables into a delicious, magical soup.
      Small experiments that can be done with vegetables provide additional insight into the forces of nature and are intended to awaken curiosity and the urge to explore.

      All plant varieties included can of course be sown directly into the ground. It is possible to grow them in taller pots on the balcony.

      A special feature of the set are the potato seeds. Most potatoes are grown with seed potatoes. It is not easy to obtain seeds for potatoes at all. Growing from seeds requires a little patience, because at the end of the first year of cultivation you will only get small mini potatoes, which will then lead to a great harvest next year.

      Hardly any child knows about such processes. This makes it all the more reason to introduce children to the great diversity of plants and to let them experience such wonders.

      Origin: Europe