Scented candle - like a trip into nature

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Where fox and hare say goodnight to each other? On fire in the south of Austria. That's where I come from. Pure and pure. My beeswax. Because:

I smell like a trip into nature.

Scented candles are made by hand in a small factory in Potsdam. The glass for the candles is recycled from wine bottles. The candle wax consists of 140ml of pure beeswax and rapeseed wax as well as natural essential oils from herbs, flowers, fruits and needles.

I crackle like a warm fire.

Scented candles are FREE OF plastic, palm oil, soy, phthalates, parabens, paraffins, synthetic and nature-identical fragrances. The wick is made of untreated softwood, FSC certified. The candle burns for up to 25 hours.

Origin: Germany, Austria