Bushy balcony tomatoes

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Summer on the balcony simply includes sweet, delicious and aromatic tomatoes that you can snack on directly from the plant.

In order to be able to harvest as much as possible, this seed set consists of four rather small tomato varieties that are particularly suitable as potted plants for the balcony or small city garden and do not require so much space:
  • Ukrainian bush tomato
    This bush tomato has pear-shaped red bottle tomatoes that are very suitable for all kinds of tomato sauces.
  • Bush tomato 'Ida Gold'
    An heirloom tomato variety with bright yellow-orange cocktail tomatoes. Rather early ripening.
  • Bush tomato 'Outdoor Girl'
    This bush tomato is very productive and forms long panicles with very aromatic, red cocktail tomatoes.
  • Ampel tomato 'Pendulina Yellow'
    Small-growing tomato variety that is ideal for hanging hanging basket cultivation. The bright yellow fruits have a pronounced tip and taste pleasantly mild.

All information about sowing indoors or outdoors is summarized in a simple and understandable way in the enclosed booklet.

The seeds in this set are seed-proof. This means that you can later obtain seeds from the plants for the next generation of tomatoes without any problems.

Origin: Europe