Colorful radishes all year round

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Radishes are not just the tastiest fillers in the vegetable patch. They also thrive in pots and balcony boxes. They mature from sowing to harvest in 4-6 weeks and can be grown almost all year round because of this short cultivation period.

Small, crunchy radishes come in different colors and shapes.

This great seed set contains 4 special radish varieties (Raphanus sativus):

  • Organic icicle radishes
    The most robust old radish variety with white, cone-shaped roots.
  • Organic radishes 'Cherry Bell'
    Bright red radish variety with crisp, round radishes suitable for year-round cultivation.
  • Radishes 'French Breakfast'
    Old, French variety with decorative, red-white, elongated radishes.
  • Yellow radish 'Zlata'
    Large, yellow, Eastern European variety with a very spicy taste.

The seed bags and detailed sowing instructions in German and English are packaged in beautiful gift packaging - a great, sustainable gift for the garden. Every plant lover will be happy about this.

The seeds in this set are seed-proof. This means that you can later obtain seeds for new plants from the plants without any problems.

Origin: Europe