Aromatic sun worshipers - organic quality seeds

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These three typical vegetables from the nightshade family are an unmistakable part of summer cuisine and none of them originally come from Europe. The real homeland of tomatoes and peppers is South and Central America. The eggplant comes from Asia. They are all true sun worshipers in the garden and really need warm and sunny locations with a good supply of water and nutrients. They stop growing at temperatures below +12°C.

All three varieties probably came to Europe by ship at the time of the Spanish conquerors and started their personal conquest around the Mediterranean. So it is not surprising that they are an important part of Spanish as well as Italian, Greek, Turkish, North African cuisine and actually all national cuisines around the Mediterranean.

What is completely normal for the population of the Mediterranean zone tastes like vacation and summer for us Central and Northern Europeans. This is one of the reasons why this seed set contains three types of heavenly summer delicacies for the balcony, terrace and garden - the main thing is that the location is warm:
  • Eggplant 'Black Beauty' (Solanum melongena)
    Very pretty and showy eggplant variety that produces egg-shaped to bag-shaped dark purple fruits.
  • Early outdoor tomato 'Matina' (Solanum lycopersicum)
    A very early and robust variety for outdoor cultivation.
  • Red pointed pepper 'Marconi Rosso' (Capsicum annuum)
    "Marconi Rosso" is a wonderfully sweet and aromatic pointed pepper variety from Italy.
The seed bags are packaged in a beautiful gift box along with detailed sowing instructions in German and English. Make a special sustainable gift for yourself or a dear plant lover. The organic seeds in this set are also seed-proof. This means that seeds can later be obtained from the plants for further propagation without any problems.

Origin: Europe