Old almost forgotten vegetables - starter set

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Old vegetables are crops that have been cultivated for many centuries. The seeds, passed down from generation to generation, produce robust plants that are perfectly adapted to the location. Such varieties are also characterized by their particularly intense taste.

Nevertheless, they have often been forgotten because they were not suitable for commercial cultivation. However, they are an enormous enrichment for your own garden and kitchen.
This seed set consists of seeds for the following 12 historical vegetables that thrive in any small farm garden or on your self-catering balcony.
You also contribute to this by growing old types of vegetables, as these varieties are preserved in their diversity.
  • Winter hedge onion
    Lots of fresh greens and good onion aroma even in winter.
  • Red orache
    The orache is very undemanding and produces a mild, tasty salad. Variety with red leaves.
  • Tuscan palm kale
    The Tuscan palm cabbage is a very robust and decorative type of leaf cabbage that can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Tomato peppers
    It is a very early variety that produces many almost round, red, thick-walled fruits and spoils us with a wonderful, rather sweet pepper taste.
  • Chervil beet
    The chervil is a real slow food: the turnips have a very delicate taste of potatoes and chestnuts with a subtle spiciness of celery and parsnips.
  • Yellow cucumber
    Traditional yellow cucumber variety with high yields. Well adapted to our Central European climate.
  • Yellow carrot
    A variety of carrot with a slightly tarter taste and excellent storage properties. Ideal for stews.
  • Purslane
    Purslane is a native salad plant that was already valued in the Middle Ages. The fleshy leaves taste crunchy, fresh and slightly acidic.
  • Blood dock
    The blood dock is a decorative, traditional salad plant that is also medicinally effective. A real adornment in the herb and vegetable patch as well as in salads
  • Tomato 'Berner Rose'
    The tomato 'Berner Rose' is an old Swiss tomato variety with a heavenly taste. For us, this tomato variety is one of the best ever.
  • bud cabbage
    A very high-yielding variety of bud cabbage with reddish, small, crunchy broccoli florets that grow individually and constantly grow back.
  • Cardy
    Cardy is a vegetable plant from the thistle family and a close relative of the artichoke. The fleshy petioles are eaten.

All varieties included have been carefully selected so that they can be grown very easily and simply. You can grow them in the garden, in raised beds or in large pots on the balcony.

The set is therefore suitable for both beginners and experienced gardeners.

Origin: Europe