Advent calendar urban garden happiness - organic seeds for the city garden

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24 calendar bags full of garden happiness for small and large city gardeners - that's what awaits you in this beautifully designed Advent calendar. Let yourself be surprised and discover finely selected vegetables, herbs and flower seeds for growing on the balcony - in organic quality, of course. Bring nature to you and garden in the city, without a large garden.

Of course, it's a bit of a challenge if you want to grow 24 varieties on your balcony, terrace and windowsill. So here's a little idea: share the abundance of seeds with friends and friendly neighbors. Together you can support each other in gardening and enjoy the joy of the harvest.

All varieties are seed-resistant and certified organic. By growing it, you create a diverse range of food for many useful insects such as wild bees, bumblebees and butterflies in the city. In addition, you can collect seeds from the plants you have grown yourself and use them again for sowing the following year.
As a special extra, there is a large poster calendar for the coming year, which brings you closer to sowing in the rhythm of nature. A folding card is included that can be personalized with a greeting if you would like to give the calendar as a gift.

This is how you attach the Advent calendar: The Advent calendar consists of 24 colorfully printed and numbered bags that are hung on a string with small wooden clips. These are included in the calendar set with small instructions. As a surprise, the seed packet is “hidden” in each bag. You will also receive detailed and lovingly illustrated sowing instructions with a selection of 95 portraits of special plants.

Don't hesitate, grow your own magic! After Christmas , many little surprises await you when you can start sowing the first seeds indoors around February. Then you can be excited, watch and be happy about the first green tips... The contents of this Advent calendar will enchant you and your family again and again for at least a year and bring a lot of joy.

About the production of the calendar: The calendar is produced regionally in Regensburg, Bavaria. It is almost plastic-free and all materials can be recycled. Except for the string soaked in beeswax for hanging the bags, the entire contents are vegan. The cord can continue to be used after Advent. It is a flammable wick that is excellent for lighting candles.

Origin: Germany, seeds Europe