Balcony garden makeover - three steps to an oasis of well-being

from Elizabeth

There is one moment of the year that I particularly love in my roof garden. When I sit on the small couch for the first time, look out into the garden and think: Now everything is in exactly the right place.

By “everything” I don’t just mean my plants. But above all the pots, plant bags , fine natural treasures, the parasol, lantern , outdoor carpet , candles and the like... simply what makes my balcony garden cozy and harmonious in summer.

If you have set up a small balcony garden for the first time this year, but have been missing exactly this coziness, I recommend this blog article. In three steps I will explain to you how you can transform your small garden into an oasis of well-being - away from the chaotic hodgepodge of plant pots and towards a feast for the eyes, your taste buds and your heart.

Step 1 - Find and design your favorite place

I admit, my favorite place is different every gardening year. That's exactly why I watch myself and my plants closely at the beginning of the season. Which of my friends do I particularly like this year? Where do I feel comfortable? Which plant do I particularly enjoy being surrounded by? But also, which plant gives me a little retreat - for example a place behind a currant. Or is it important to me this year to have the clearest possible view of the sky or a particularly beautiful corner of the surrounding houses. Then I choose my favorite spot in the roof garden.

That's exactly where I put an armchair, sometimes the couch, sometimes I just put out a seat cushion and a small carpet - that means I consciously create a place to rest, look and linger. There is deliberately no table in my favorite place. Why? A table primarily implies a specific function. You should put something on it, sit on it, eat something, or work on it... Since I see even the smallest garden space as a place of relaxation and peace, I deliberately recommend not using a table. And if you need one every now and then. How about a folding table? It can be set up quickly and easily and, above all, can be easily hidden behind a plant when not in use.

Another important point about your favorite place: Look at the ground that surrounds you. It has a major, albeit unconscious, influence on your well-being. Like plants, it contributes enormously to helping you relax. When you visit an unfamiliar balcony, just pay attention to what the floor does to you...

Therefore, clean the covering or material of your balcony floor regularly and, better yet, make yourself as comfortable as possible on it. This can be with pillows , blankets or carpets . Definitely with something that comfortably caresses your eyes and feet .

Step 2 - Sort by colors & structures

Once you have found your favorite spot, take a look at your pots, plant beds and balcony boxes . Simply all the materials and structures that are around you. These are often wildly mixed. An oasis of well-being requires order and peace. The eye and your mind relax better when they surround themselves with a harmonious and coherent image. You can create this harmony when designing your balcony using just a few, but recurring materials. I therefore recommend that you limit yourself to a maximum of three materials. These can be, for example, wood , stone and natural plant greenery . Or terracotta , metal and natural treasures. The smaller the balcony or terrace, the fewer different materials you should choose for the design. So now sort out everything that doesn't fit into your newly chosen scheme. And let go...

What’s left is sorted by similar colors. Arrange the pots of a color theme in small groups. And you will see that the more uniform color scheme of the containers alone puts your plants much more in the spotlight.

Now start playing. Create individual corners on your terrace with exactly these groups. Also decide to leave individual areas free. Your eye should be able to wander, rest in between and always discover new things.

With this approach, it doesn't matter too much which plant is growing in the pot. The next time you transplant or plant, however, I recommend that you pay attention to the third design subtlety.

Step 3 - Green at different levels

Take a close look at your balcony and think about which areas you can green up with, for example, a shelf, hanging plant boxes - I recommend my video on Instagram - or climbing aids . Because even in a small roof garden you can plant on different levels, let it climb and bloom. In addition to choosing the right pot or material, the plant itself will of course always help you. With a clever selection of plants - a mix of shrubs, small trees, perennials, vegetables and climbing ground cover plants - you can create wonderful oases of well-being here.

Accessories such as small sculptures, beautiful candles and lanterns , baskets , vases or even small bowls for bird and insect baths are ultimately the icing on the cake in your newly designed garden.

For more tips and tricks about urban gardens, join me in my gardening season on Instagram , Pinterest or Facebook .

And: Feel free to write to me if you have any questions or would like support in choosing plants for your city and balcony garden. I would be very happy.

For now, I wish you a lot of fun getting started and lots of time to enjoy later.

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