Lucky*postcards from the Sprießerie

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You see correctly. Each postcard has at least one four-leaf clover on it. This way the happiness stays with the loved one who receives it as a gift. Promised.

The five different motifs adorn plants from my sprout series garden year - together with clover leaves from a dear friend. She has the ability to spot four-leaf clovers everywhere. You just have to share so much happiness, we thought... and the idea for this limited series of postcards was born.

I only use untreated plants for all of my Sprießerie products. They dry in their natural color. This protects the environment and our climate. I deliberately avoid long delivery routes and complex chemical treatments. Because nature conjures up the most beautiful works of art - all by itself.

And that's exactly what you can see in these wonderfully beautiful postcards. Each one is a unique, unique piece.

Grammage: 580 grams

Origin: Germany